Future and savings

Achieve significant savings with Cenntro vehicles

Easier movement in large environments

Many times lower costs than ordinary vehicles

The Future is Here

◎ With an average delivery van you spend 13.80 € per 100 kilometers, while with a Cenntro Metro you spend only 0.96 € per 100 kilometers.

◎ This way you get rid of visits to petrol stations and charge your vehicle on a regular 230V socket, while on the Cenntro Logistar 200 Van and Cargo models you have the option of a fast charge of 20-80% in 45 minutes.

◎ Your delivery van travels 35.000 kilometers a year and consumes 4,830 € on fuel, while the Cenntro Metro consumes just 336 € on electricity with the same parameters.

◎ Annual savings if you drive Cenntro Metro are 4.494 €! The compactness of Cenntro Metro electric vehicles makes it easier to move in large environments and in large plants.

◎ The cost of servicing all Cenntro vehicles is many times lower than ordinary vehicles.